On Saturday, March 29th, I was honored to receive the unanimous endorsement of House District 22 Democrats to be their candidate for the Colorado State House in the November 2014 elections.  Thank you so much to Keith Igoe and Dee Buckley for nominating me. 

The Republican incumbent is facing an unexpected primary challenge so I will have to wait until June 24th to see who my opponent will be.   Until then, I’ll be out knocking on doors inviting neighbors to my Town Hall meetings and encouraging them to visit my web site and sign up for my newsletter. 

Here’s an update on what my campaign team has accomplished so far:

  •     Sent out regular monthly newsletters
  •     Held 6 monthly Town Hall meetings
  •     Knocked on almost 4,000 doors
  •     Left Town Hall invitations at more than 4,000 doors
  •     Made over 12,000 robocalls inviting people to our Town Halls
  •     Sent out 5,000 postcards informing people about the caucus

As I look forward to the month of April, the thing I’m most excited about is the coming birth of my newest granddaughter! She is due to make her debut sometime this week and will be my 6th grandchild.  There is nothing like the miracle of a new life to remind us of where our priorities should be.  I’m more determined than ever to fight for families in Colorado so that all our children have an equal opportunity to achieve their American dreams….