WTF (What are the Facts) Town Hall

October 17th, 6:30pm-8pm Columbine Library

Come by October 17th for our Town Hall where we will review a sample ballot, discuss the initiatives and learn how to determine if judges should be retained.  Kathleen Curry, Colorado’s first and only Unaffiliated legislator to ever serve, will be at the meeting to give us her insights on legislation and ballot initiatives.

For information on candidates, ballot initiative, and judges, check out the following websites:     

Colorado Blue Book:    

Sample Ballot/Voting Information:

Candidate Information:

Initiative Information:  

Judicial Evaluations:      

                              Mary Parker                                     Independent and Self-Funded Candidate for House District 22


Thank you so much for visiting my web site to learn about my candidacy for the Colorado State House in House District 22, representing the Ken Caryl and Columbine neighborhoods. 

I am running as an independent because I believe party politics have become so divisive that our legislative bodies are dysfunctional.  If elected, I will not be aligned with any party ideology.  I will call out obstructionism when I see it.  And I will lead the way to build consensus on the issues that unite us all such as infrastructure improvements, excellent public education, and job creation. As an Independent I have chosen not to accept any donations. I will be funding my campaign in an effort to stay as unaffiliated as possible. 

As Abraham Lincoln said, we are a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Anything that is wrong with government can be fixed by informed and engaged voters.  Millions of lives have been lost protecting our union.  It’s our responsibility to keep this trust.  Good government depends on good leaders.  And if you want good government, you have to elect people who believe in it.

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